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Touya Asagi

"I'm looking forward to be working with you, manager."

En: "Hey, Manager, looking forward to working with you."

Name: Yoon, Jeung [KO], Touya Asagi (浅黄桐矢) [JAP/EN]
VA: Seung-Hun, Choi [KO] Takuma Terashima [JAP]
Age: 17
Birthday: August 13 (Leo)
Height: 5'10" (178cm)
Weight: 127.8 lbs (58kg)

Blood Type: O
Special Feature: He starts speaking with an accent when he's shocked. [KO]
He desperately tries to hide the fact that he's easily scared by things like rollercoasters and horror movies. He is good at cooking. [JP]                                              When he's puzzled or embarrassed, he starts speaking with a dialect. [EN]
Strength: Singing [KO & EN], Singing and dancing (Moving his body) [JAP]
Weakness: Acting [KO& EN], Acting (Memorizing scripts) [JAP]
Family: Grandfather, father, mother, older brother, older sister
People he likes: His family except his older brother
People he hates: His older brother, Kawai Minato

Personality: He doesn't get over things easily; once he's disturbed, he can't ignore it. He gets rid of the disturbance once and for all. He's simple, active and has a pure spirit. He speaks directly and doesn't beat around the bush. He's righteous but hates bothersome things. [KO]

Cheerful and honest, he has a pure heart. He has a strong sense of justice, and is always getting into fights. [JAP]

Accepts fights and starts them too. Simple minded. Active and goal oriented. Very direct and doesn’t know how to speak tactfully. Is warm hearted, but hates to be bothered. [EN]

Background:The second son of a family renowned in the legal world for generations. After hearing from his older brother that he was adopted, Touya was shocked and ran away from home in search of his real family. He headed to the city and while he was lost, he met the manager. The manager immediately asked Touya if he would be interested in becoming a star... Will Touya be able to find his real family? [EN]

[Jap] Keywords: Pure, simple, naïve, free, kind
Colour: Gold, yellow
Lucky Place: The outdoors... Green Park, Mountain
Lucky Item: Baseball equipment

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You were being threatened by the loan sharks to pay your debt. Yoon, who says he's a boy from the countryside, had ran away from home. He sees you and attempts to "save you" from the bad guys, but fails. He breaks their car, which actually turns out to be their boss' car. With even more debt, you decide to make him step on the stage and help him find his family. Could you be successful in making him a top star? [KO]

When you, whose life was so dull, wanted a young boy as a performer... came upon Touya Asagi. Finding yourself in a similar situation due to unexpected circumstances, you and him strive to be a Top Star. For you, it is for the sake of protecting the talent agency that your parents worked so hard for. In Touya's case, it is for him to find his real family. Bothersome rival groups, familiar happenings, strange incidences... When all is overcome, does the glittering road to stardom lay ahead...? [JAP]