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Riko Kobayashi

Name: Liko Kobayashi [JAP/EN], Yoo-Jin, Lee (이유진) [KO]

VA: Touko Aoyama
Occupation: Show Director
Location: Kang Nam [KO] Shibuya - Production WIN [EN]

She is a producer for Production WIN, a company that produces dramas, variety programs, and the like. Her office looks like a teeny-bopper’s bedroom, filled with a collage of young, teenage boys… But rumor has it that when she works, she turns into a monster.


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Both Yoo-Jin (Liko) and Jeung-Woo (Riku) are siblings. She is made fun of because of her extreme doting on her little brother.

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Both Yoo-Jin (Liko) and HS (Naoyuki) always get into fights at the last second of casting. This is because she wants handsome guys, and he wants talent.

"Stylist: Director Koyabayashi Liko and Director Okamura Naoyuki collide often because they head to different directions."