Hello, fellow Star Project fans. I must inquire something of you all, something that has disturbed me ever since I first found this wiki:

How many of you actually play the Korean version instead of the English one?

I ask because the pages on this wiki, which is in English, refer to the Korean names of the stars (and have the names from the English version tacked on in parentheses). If our wiki is in English, can I assume that 1) the users have at least a basic understanding of English in its written form, and that 2) most users probably don't have that high of a level understanding Korean? Since the Korean version is ahead of the English one developmentally (more stars to manage, and, I presume, a working weather system and all part-time jobs implemented), if the users of this wiki were able to exchange information in Korean, they would do so.

Therefore, why are the pages referring primarily to the Korean game? The World page is disorienting. English-speakers playing a game in English should see the information they seek at the top of the page, rather than bemusedly scrolling through useless trivia about the Korean version. The editors did not see fit to use the headings function of the wiki to better organize the page. This feature automatically creates a table of contents, which at least offers the user the promise that there is in fact information about the game they're playing further down.

Now, I could go edit that page and change the order in which the information is presented, and do a rehaul of every page, titling the stars with their names as they appear in the English game and adding a redirect for the Korean names, but since someone did the opposite with the pages I created, I feel that I should first ask the community why the wiki is formatted in such a way, tailoring to two seperate player-groups in such a jumbled fashion.

tl;dr version: why is an English wiki prioritizing information about Star Project as Korean version first, English version second, when the users of an English wiki would be more likely to need the information about the game they can understand?

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