Korean Version Storyline:

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived with her dad, who was the head of a company that managed celebrities. One day he and the little girl is left all alone with an old building that's about to collapse. All she has is loads of debt. Since the company has been damaged, all the people who worked in this building had left and found their own ways in career.

Japanese/English Version Storyline:

There was a time when this star management company was popular. Due to an unfortunate car accident, both the owner and his wife passed away and their girl takes over the company.

All the stars and staff of the company went their ownways and the only thing left for the girl is a mountain of debt and an old ragged building that looks like it's going to collapse any day now.

One day, a righteous boy who came from the country came out of nowhere and appeared before the girl. The girl saw star potential in this young man and they both teamed up to start the "Star Project!"

Will the young, country boy and the naïve manager be able to create a stunning "star"? Follow the scenarios to discover the story of your star and live surprising events.

In this game, you will be playing as the girl who is the manager of the company.

These are the list of people who you will meet and work under your company:

Touya-Chibi2 Yoon (Touya)

Ren-Chibi Won Young (Ren)

Torian-Chibi Leon (Torian)

Ga-Eul (Souta)