Ko: "Are you the manager here?"
Jap: "I have nothing to do with you."
En: "So… you’re the president?”

Name: Ren Akabane [JAP/EN], Won Young, Yoo [KO] 
VA:  Akira Ishida [JAP], Ho-San, Lee [KO]
Age: 20
Birthday: November 6
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 6'2" (188cm)
Weight: 167.6 lbs (76kg)
Blood Type: A
Special Feature: Lacks sensitivity in using money.
Strength: Sensitivity, Argument
Weakness: Dancing

Family: Father, Akabane Hazime (Cousin) and Jin Cheong [Arisugawa Michiru] (Step-brother)

People he likes: Mother, Akabane Hazime (Cousin)
People he hates: Father, Jin-Cheong [Arisugawa Michiru] (Step-brother/half brother)

Personality: Cold and cynical. He is very smart, and is strict in his decision-making. He doesn't like to lose, and has poor social skills. He doesn't look like he'd love anyone, but the truth is...

Cold and stoic, extremely decisive and smart, but lacks social skills. He does not like to lose. It looks as if he is not capable of love but actually.... [EN]

Background: Born as a son of the Hwan-Young company, his rival is Jin-Cheong, a step-brother of his. Because of the tension between the two heirs, Won-Young is sent away to America until he's an adult. He meets the main character (you), and becomes a celebrity while he tries to find a way to take revenge on Jin-Cheong. Why is he trying to take revenge? What has happened between them in the past? [KO]

Born as the son to the owner of a massive conglomerate, Royal Corporation, Ren has a stepbrother named Arisugawa Michiru. At the time Royal Corporation was contemplating the next heir to the company, Ren was sent to be schooled abroad. After graduating from school, Ren returned to revenge towards Arisugawa Michiru on his mind. Then, he meets the manager and starts his life as a celebrity. Why does Ren want revenge from Arisugawa Michiru? What happened between the two of them in the past...? [EN]

[Jap]Keywords: Control, strong will, insecure, talent, passion, pride
Color: Red
Preferred Places: Stylish places... Cafe, Restaurant
Lucky Item: Piercing on his ear

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A man visits you and suggests that he becomes your company's sponser. His name is Won-Young. With his pretty face and cold, rude attitude, he makes you think that he might become a good celebrity if he signs your contract. He leaves, however, and drops a pendant. While you are looking at it, it falls from your hands, out of sight. He returns to the company shortly after and asks for the pendant. You take this opportunity to threaten him to become a performer for your company. He signs the contract, but you have no idea what happened to him in the past. [KO]

{C}When an unknown man suddenly appeared, he said that he could be your agency's sponsor. That man's name is Ren Akabane. Even though his face is good, he's really cold, and comes off as rude. When you saw him, you thought about making him into a top star, but he stole your precious necklace and forced you to sign a contract that would make him into a performer. The secret of Ren's birth, and how he lost the people important to him... His dangerous situation affects even you. Unraveling his mysterious past will reveal a very sorrowful story... [JP]


  • Coincidently, he shares the same name with Ren Tsuruga, an anime character who is also an actor from Skip Beat!.