Port yuri

Yuri Hasegawa

Name: Maria Park (마리아) [KO]

Yuri Hasegawa [JAP/EN]

VA : Yuri Shiratori
: Looks 15, actually 29
Height: 5'2" (158cm)
: 92.6 lbs (42kg)
: Vocal Instructor
Location: Young Deung Po [KO] Ikebukuro - Vocal Academy [EN]

She used to be an idol singer, but she had retired for some reason. She's now a vocal instructor at an academy, and her motto is "singing is a confession of the soul."

Personality: She's usually fun to be around, and she pretends to be a cute little girl in front of people, but she turns into a sister figure that her friends can rely on and ask for advice. Dependable and warm-hearted.
History: A legendary idol who suddenly appeared ten years ago. Her voice spoke to the heart of the people and took the world by storm, but she retired after less than a year. She looks the same as she did ten years ago, so people are surprised when they meet her.


Arrow chart

Mini yuriArrow friend-loveMini yano

Maria (Yuri) and Kyeong-Wook (Kazuteru) are childhood friends. When Yuri was an idol, he was the number one producer. When she retired, so did he.

Mini yuriArrow rival-hateMini ken

Kin (DJ Ken) asked for a date once, and she refused. Ever since then, he has disliked her.

Mini yuriArrow familyMini yuki

Both Maria (Yuri) and Se-Hyun (Yuki) are twins. He was the secret composer of her songs when she was an idol. When he stopped writing songs, she retired.

Mini yuriArrow hate 2Mini eita

Deok-Soo (Eita) asked her for a date one day, and she refused. Ever since then, he's thought of her as a rival.


Level Stamina Icon stars Stars Icon singing Singing Icon dancing Dance Icon acting Acting MEXP Trust
Lv. 1 -100 -2,500 +1 +10 +1
Lv. 2 -150 -7,000 +2 +36 +1
Lv. 3 -200 -11,500 +3 +84 +1
Lv. 4 -250 -16,000 +4 -1 +114 +1
Lv. 5 -300 -20,500 +5 -1 +216 +1
Lv. 6 -350 -25,000 +6 -1 +300 +1
Lv. 7 -400 -29,500 +7 -2 -1 +396 +1
Lv. 8 -450 -34,000 +8 -2 -1 +504 +1
Lv. 9 -500 -38,500 +9 -2 -1 +624 +1