"Will you please accept this ring...?"

"I give this ring for your finger."

"Won't you accept this ring?" [EN]

Name:  Leon von Valencia (세바스티안 레온 폰 발렌시아) [KO]

Torianderphillo Bray Cuernos (?) (Torian)(トリアンダーフィロ・ブレ・キュアノス)

VA: Sang-Hyun, Um [KO] Shinichiro Miki [JAP]
Age: 25.
Birthday: July 22 (Cancer)
Height: 6'2" (188cm)
Weight: 172 lbs (78kg)
Blood Type: B
Special Feature: He denies the fact, but he's a spoony. :D [KO]

The liked-by-everyone leader of Ryukishi. His excessive popularity always gets him into trouble. [JAP]

He's a player - although he says he's not. [EN]

Strengths: Sports, Dancing, Smiling [KO] [EN]

Acting (and making girls fall head-over-heels) [JAP]

Weaknesses: Being kind to guys. [KO]

Secret [JAP]

Being friendly to men [EN]

Family: Unknown
People he likes: Women and Jess (Partner Dragon)
People he hates: No one really

Personality: As he is kind, loving, and trustworthy, he's popular among both genders. It doesn't seem like he's calling women 'ladies' just because his career is a knight. [KO]

A trustworthy knight-within-a-knight. He's only concerned with himself, though, so he has a habit of cheating in relationships. [JAP]

Kind and loving. He is very popular with both men and women due to his trustworthy looks and warm smile. He calls all women "lady" and treats them very well. We are led to believe that he would treat them well even if he wasn't a knight [EN]

Keywords: Possibility, energy, talent, chance, creation
Colour: Blue
Preferred Places: Flashy places, Concert Hall
Lucky Item: Roses

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A place where swords, magic, and dragons exist -- the Finon empire. The Finon dragon squat's leader, Leon, is a spoony who changes his woman every day. Fed up with his attitude, his father announces, "I WILL ENGAGE YOU TO A PRINCESS!" From Leon's perspective, the princess was a witch, so he couldn't accept marriage. Head full of running away for freedom, the Queen of Finon orders him to retrieve the jewel of The Tear of Goddess. Leon heads off with his partner dragon, Jess, on to the magic dragon portal. [KO]

But who knew this portal would end up in the basement of your company? [KO]

A young man, Torian, suddenly appeared in your agency's cellar. Torian is from a world unlike our modern times, and he used a magic circle to deliver a message here. However, there was an unexpected problem with the magic circle and it sucked your body into it. In compensation for the mishap, he asks that you let him make it up to you. You notice his appearance and disciplined body, and say you want him to work for your agency in exchange. That was the magic. No one knows the country he was born in, as he keeps it a secret. All is revealed on the stairway to stardom. [JAP]

A sword and magic, a world of dragons, the empire of Phynon...From the empire of Phynon, Torian is the commander of the Dragon Knights and is known to be a player that switches ladies every day. Torian's father couldn't stand Torian's lifestyle any longer so he said, "I'm going to have you marry the princess!" However, to Torian, the princess is a witch and he refused to marry her. Torian was in search of freedom. One day, Phynon's queen asked him to search for and bring back The Goddess's Breath of Life, whose parts are scattered all over the Earth. Torian was thankful for his request and with his partner Jess, got on the magic array and took off.

But who knew that the magic array would open up in the basement of the entertainment agency...[EN]