Legend of The Rin Wand–Backstory of The Rin Wand

The wand of RinRon was forged about three thousand years ago, by a powerful weapon forger. His name was Hadashimoto. He forged it to destroy all evil and reign with good, but some point in his lifetime, he was left with only one wand–Ron. Rin had gone somewhere else. Jinenjiko, his younger brother, stole Rin from him. He planned to use the power of Rin to satisfy his greed. Jinenjiko wanted power. He wanted political strength. He wanted to conquer all the lands of Japan. Meanwhile, Hadashimoto went out searching for the Rin wand. He commanded Ron to guide him and lead the way to the Rin wand. It took him nearly two years to reach his brother. Jinenjiko had been controlled by the cold wand of Rin. He had wielded it for too long. That day when Hadashimoto met his brother was the day when the whole battle started. Hadashimoto and Jinenjiko fought over each other’s wands. Both Jinenjiko and his older brother were injured badly, and lost the wands to the world. Ron rolled east, into Tokyo, and Rin rolled west, into the hands of a priestess, Aoikayamu. She knew of this, fro she had witnessed the great battle while collecting herbs. She set out searching for the destined wielder. She was a priestess–therefore she was immortal, in spiritual ways. Aoikayamu took 300 years to find the wielder. She sealed away the Rin wand’s power the entire time so that it wouldn’t devour her like it did to Jinenjiko. Aoikayamu found the first wielder, Sakitame. Aoikayamu’s appearance was still youthful. Sakitame became great friends with Aoikayamu, and Aoikayamu decided to grant her immortality. Five hundred years passed, and Sakitame passed on the wand to another capable wielder. His name was Makotodeshi. Makotodeshi wielded the wand for seventy five years and passed Rin onto his son, Katikamo, who passed it onto his son, Nagitato after wielding the wand for seventy five more years. Nagitato wielded the wand for six hundred years because a priest accidentally casted a spell on him that gave him immortality. The priest couldn’t undo the spell. Nagitato passed on the Rin wand to his daughter, Hakatamike, who wielded it for eight hundred years, due to miraculously long life. She passed on the wand of Rin to a young monk named Dukuniko. Dukuniko wielded the wand for 328 years, and passed on the wand to Landrika. Landrika suddenly disappeared soon after taking the wand, and his relatives hurried to a powerful wizard named Takeo. Landrika reappeared soon after his relatives went to Takeo. Landrika had been overpowered by the wand. Takeo and Landrika met in an intense situation. Takeo made the first move and banished the Rin wand from Landrika. He knew that if Landrika held onto the wand any longer, tragedy could strike. Takeo was sent on a mission to meet the last wielder of the Rin wand in the future. He found out that Landrika also sent himself forward in time to kill the last wielder of the Rin wand, and reclaim what he believed was his.

Legend of The Rin Wand–Rito’s Backstory

Rito Nishimori was born on March 14, 1999. She is Japanese. Rito has a mother named Zamiko and father named Kohaku. Rito is currently 15 years old in the story. She’s friends with Tashi Zikukuto, Maka Woo, and Kashiyaki Yuna. Rito has short choppy brown hair and light brown eyes. Rito is the most wealthy girl in the entire school, because her mom owns a clothing company and her dad is a C.E.O in an electronics company. Rito likes wearing formal apparel, so she always wears the school uniform to school on school days. Rito’s favorite foods are traditional authentic japanese cuisine foods. She loves that spiciness of the wasabi she always brings on school trips. Rito loves soda more than any other drink, though. Rito has absolutely no crush, but Hakado, a male student in the same class as her, seems to show some interest in her!

Legend of The Rin Wand–Tashi’s Backstory

Tashi Zikukuto was born on June 3, 1999. She is Japanese. Tashi has a mother named Utahsuki and a father named Taoku. Tashi is currently 15 years old in the story. Tashi is friends with Maka Woo, Kashiyaki Yuna, and Rito Nishimori. Tashi has long straight brown hair with black eyes and long eyelashes. She is very girly, so she wears dresses, skirts, and flats often. However, she’s a hater of makeup. Tashi’s favorite foods are tuna sandwiches, pizzas, eggs, and fruit punch. Tashi is brave and stands up for her buddies often times. Tashi has a crush on a boy in her class named Shusei. However, she doesn’t know that Shusei’s crush is…her!

Legend of The Rin Wand–Maka’s Backstory

Maka Woo was born on August 21, 1999. She is Korean. Maka had a mother named Sui and a father named Shinwoo, but they were both shot by thugs. Maka couldn’t do anything about it, because she didn’t know how to defend. Maka is currently 15 years old in the story. She’s friends with Tashi Zikukuto, Rito Nishimori, and Kashiyaki Yuna. Maka has long straight hair. It’s slick black. Maka has cold black eyes and always an expressionless face on. She lives alone. She only wears plain white clothing. Maka’s haunted for the rest of her life about the death of her parents. She no longer has any feelings. Maka started learning ninja fighting from her father a month before her parents died. Maka’s favorite food is anything in bento boxes. She likes drinking root beer. Maka doesn’t have a crush on anybody, and nobody has a crush on her.

Legend of The Rin Wand–Kashiyaki’s Backstory

Kashiyaki Yuna was born on June 18,1999. She is Japanese. Kashiyaki has a mother named Hinata and a father named Kugayama. She had a sister named Kyoka, but her sister died in the Baki woods. Kashiyaki has a nightmare every night about the day her sister died. She can’t get it out of her mind–she no longer has dreams! Kashiyaki is currently 15 years old in the story. She’s friends with Tashi Zikukuto, Maka Woo, and Rito Nishimori. Kashiyaki has long straight brown hair and brown eyes. Kashiyaki is in between the “girly-girl” and “tomboy” scale. She likes wearing a sophomore school uniform, even though she’s not a sophomore! She also likes wearing skirts and dresses. The only colors she wears are dark ones, though. Kashiyaki is bold, daring, and she’s willing to risk losing her life for her friends. She’s also very hardy. A paper cut is so minor to her, she mistakes it for a mosquito bite! Kashiyaki is athletic and sporty. Kashiyaki’s favorite food is ramen noodles. She absolutely loves the taste of water! Kashiyaki seems to like a boy named Shouljoya in her class, but it’s only subtle.


“Bye, mama and papa!” Kashiyaki grabbed her jacket and ran far away into the Baki woods.

She remembered years ago, her sister Kyoka was killed in those woods. She hated herself for not being able to save her. Kyoka was the dearest to Kashiyaki, and it almost caused her to commit suicide from all the depression she experienced. Her parents had to beg her not to kill herself. Kashiyaki stopped running, and slapped her own face 10 times, while fighting back tears of anger. She restrained herself from pulling out her knife and cutting her wrist.

She wondered if the rumor was true–legend tells of a mysterious dark Rin wand in the deepest part of the woods. It releases a horrifying dark aura that only its wielder could seal inside.

Kashiyaki ran rapidly again.

Her heart beated BA-DUMP BA-DUMP BA-DUMP BA-DUMP, faster and faster, pounding and throbbing inside her chest. She stopped to catch her breath. “Huff huff huff huff!’’ a dark figure swept over her.

Chapter 1

15 year old Kashiyaki Yuna wiped her sweaty face. The dark figure got closer and closer. She wanted to scream, but couldn’t. Something was controlling her breath and voice. Kashiyaki felt mute.

Suddenly, a tall old man appeared before her eyes. He had a curly white beard and a just as curly mustache.

He opened his grim mouth and spoke. “Kashiyaki! Do not panic, for I am your great-great-great-great grandfather. Call me Takeo. I was pulled into your time and told about you. There is no need to scream, child. Calm down.’’

Kashiyaki stopped trying to open her mouth, and listened to what Takeo was going to say.

“Three hundred twenty years ago, something drastic happened in the Japanese society. The wielder of that time mysteriously disappeared, and his relatives hurried to me and told me about the tragic news. I was sent on a mission to come forward in time to meet the last wielder, which is you. I am part of your family, if you haven’t noticed that I already mentioned it earlier. I found out that the power of the Rin wand had devoured the previously good wielder, and made him evil. His name is Landrika. He wants to kill you, and take your wand, which had escaped his grasp and arrived here to be taken by you.”

Kashiyaki felt stiff. She couldn’t move because of the news.

“Landrika also wants to corrupt RinRon and use it for his own evil deeds,’’the old man explained, “so you must learn to protect yourself and your loved ones with the power of your Rin wand. Also, you must find the Ron wand and join Rin and Ron together. Now, you should know by now that you have mind control powers.”

Kashiyaki spoke quickly, “No I don’t. This is all just so weird!”

“Well, control something with your mind. We both have this power, so I can teach you how. Okay, do you see that leaf there? Concentrate deeply, and will it to move. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself walking over to it and picking it up.”

Kashiyaki closed her eyes, and saw herself walking to the leaf and picking it up.

She opened her eyes.

The leaf was floating!

“You are a fast learner, Kashiyaki! I’m going to go now. I feel sleepy. Bye!”

The old man waved his hands and disappeared.

Then, Kashiyaki’s eyes widened.

She felt a saddening dark aura from the wand. She assumed that was the Rin wand.

Kashiyaki reached over to touch it, and all the dark energy seemingly flowed through her arm and into her body. Kashiyaki felt a sudden painful shock inside her head. She had sealed the power of the Rin wand inside herself.

“Weird thing. I’m gonna show this to my friends!”

She took off, running at super speed to school. She felt a strong surge of energy still streaming into her.

“This must be because of the wand. Awkward!”she thought.

Kashiyaki sped past motorcycles and cars. Her dark, sleek hair fluttered in the wind, and it was time for school.

Chapter 2

Kashiyaki grabbed her backpack and went to the next class with her friends.

They all sat down at their old fashioned desks which were arranged in four rows and seven columns.

All 28 students took out their notebooks, and waited for the sensei to speak.

“Today, we will review integrated algebra and variables.”


At recess, Rito waved and screamed, “Hi Kashiyaki! Come here!”

Maka had an expressionless face, and Tashi said, “Hi!”

Kashiyaki waved and said, “ I have something to show you!”

All four friends huddled up, and Kashiyaki whispered, “ This is something I believe is very important! This morning, in the Baki woods where I was playing around in, I met this strange old man named Takeo who claims he is my great-great-great-great grandfather!”

Kashiyaki whispered so loud that her friends heard part of her voice coming out.

“And he gave me this really plain but weird wand he calls Rin! Here, I’ll show it to you.”

Kashiyaki fumbled desperately around in her backpack to find that mysterious wand.

“Ah! Here! Yikes!”

A bright light shone from her weapon right when she pulled her wand out.

Maka, Tashi, Rito, and Kashiyaki all covered their eyes and turned their heads away from the light.

Finally, Kashiyaki took the wand, and sealed it into herself.

“Phew!” she said as Tashi and Rito’s jaws dropped.

Rito said, “ Let’s huddle up again.”

The four friends huddled up, and Rito explained her knowledge.

She said with a trembling voice, “I-I think I m-might know o-of this. Y-you all know about the ‘Legend of The Rin Wand,’ right? W-well, K-Kashiyaki i-is the current n-nena, or wielder. Her quest, according t-to m-my book o-of japanese s-scriptures…..”

Rito flipped to the year 2014 in her worn old book.

“Is t-to find the Ron wand and j-join Rin and Ron t-together. Kashiyaki i-is also the l-last wielder o-of the Rin wand, because soon a-after Rin and Ron join t-together, RinRon must disappear f-forever.”

Rito seemed scared of the fact that one of her friends was the wielder of the creepy Rin wand. Kashiyaki knew her; Rito was usually calm and nonchalant about things, but when they became this extreme, she freaked out.

Kashiyaki felt sweat running down her face.

“I knew it! The old man told me about this. This task….. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it. Seems too complicated.”

Tashi said, “But it is your destiny! You will do this.”

“Yea! You know how to do your quest. At some point in time, you will complete your quest. Right, Maka?” Rito exclaimed.

Maka nodded a yes.

Kashiyaki said, “ I’ll try.”

Chapter 3

Kashiyaki yawned as she got up from her terrible sleep.

Every night, she dreamed about the day her sister died.

She touched the picture next to her.

“Kashiyaki o-nee-san! Come over here! Look what I made for you!” Kyoka yelled in excitement.

“I’m coming!” Kashiyaki said.

“Look! Do you like it?” Kyoka held up a silver necklace with words on it. It said, “Me and sister.”

“It’s perfect! I love it!”

Kyoka pulled out another one that also said,“Me and sister,” and put it on. “This one’s for me. That one’s for you.”

Kashiyaki put the necklace on her neck. A ray of sunlight was reflected off the necklace.

Kashiyaki and Kyoka went to the park together while Kyoka talked on about what she just got and what mom bought for her and what Kyoka saw the other day on their tree.

Kashiyaki tried to hold back her tears as she got dressed for school.


Kashiyaki sat down at her regular desk and pulled out her JLA notebook as usual. She took out her pen and copied the notes on the blackboard.

Today was not the same.

Kashiyaki sat, daydreaming about the memories Kyoka and her had experienced together.

Today was supposed to be Kyoka’s birthday.

She wished, longingly, for Kyoka to come back from the world of the dead. If only they hadn’t gone into the woods. If only Kyoka was still alive. If only–“Miss Kashiyaki? Please answer question number six about why Yamada didn’t chop down the tree of life.”Aiko sensei said.

Kashiyaki said nothing in response.

“Miss! Please answer question six! Have you been paying attention?”

“No. Sorry–”

“Well, make sure you pay attention to our lesson starting now, miss Kashiyaki! The JLA exams are coming soon, and if you do not learn and practice anything from my JLA classes, there is a thick chance that you WILL FAIL.”


“A sorry is not enough. Here, take this book and study it in the hallway!” Aiko sensei handed Kashiyaki a thick book saying JLA on the cover.

Kashiyaki walked out of the room and into the hallway with olive green walls, and sat down on the floor.

She caught herself pondering about Kyoka again. “Kyoka… Please come back!”she thought.

Chapter 4

After school, Kashiyaki said, “Wanna go to the bookstore?”

Rito and Tashi said yes.

They were walking to the bookstore when a mysterious man in black shoes, black sunglasses, and wearing a black coat went up to them. He jumped on top of Kashiyaki and tackled her. A deep, raspy voice said, “GIVE ME THE WAND! GIVE ME IT! WHERE IS THE WAND?! GRRRR!!”

Kashiyaki screamed, “Get off of me! What are you doing?! Get off! STOP!!!!”

“No! We have to help Kashiyaki! Maka, maybe you can!”Tashi yelled in agony. Maka just stood and watched.

Kashiyaki closed her eyes tightly, and imagined herself pushing off the man from the ground.

“Ugh! GET OFF!!!”

When Kashiyaki opened her eyes, the man wasn’t there. He had been pushed twenty yards away. Kashiyaki saw him getting back up with two glowing red eyes.

“He isn’t human!” she thought.

His coat and sunglasses had been gone.

“Watch out, Kashiyaki!”

Kashiyaki turned around.

“How did the man get behind me?!?!”

She quickly grabbed her wand and commanded, “Shield!”

A giant wall of electricity appeared in front of Kashiyaki.


“But what about you?!”Rito yelled back.

“Forget about me! I’ll be fine with this wand!”

Her friends nodded and sped away.


Kashiyaki felt a shock of pain as the enemy smashed at her shield again. Finally, she decided to use her own psychic powers again.

“Here I go….”

Kashiyaki closed her eyes. She saw herself walking past the shield and throwing the demon. She saw herself throwing punches on him.

When she opened her eyes again, she found the demon on the ground.

He got back up easily and flew towards Kashiyaki.

“Kashiyaki! He’s charging towards you!” Tashi yelled.

Kashiyaki waved her wand again, but nothing happened because she didn’t command anything.

The villain took out a knife and slashed it across Kashiyaki’s right arm, where she held her wand.

“Ow! Will you stop it?!”

The demon slashed the knife again, on her leg. Then, he slashed at her neck, cheek, and chest.

Blood poured out of her cuts.

Kashiyaki fell to her knees and waved her wand at the demon.


The demon was slowly broken down into what seemed like a trillion pieces.

Kashiyaki fell to her right, and her eyes slowly closed.

“Kashiyaki! Kashiyaki! Are you okay? Oh no!”Rito yelled as she ran to Kashiyaki. Maka ran along with Rito, and Tashi screamed, “What happened to Kashiyaki? Kashiyaki!”

“Help! We need help! Tashi, call the ambulance!”

Tashi quickly grabbed her IPhone 6 and dialed 911. A tear rolled down Rito’s cheek as she waited. Her face was pale like the computer paper she used earlier that day to print out her essay.

Maka finally said something.

“Kashiyaki’s going to be alright.”

Tashi spoke into the phone, “Help us.”

Chapter 5

Kashiyaki got up from the hospital bed. She stretched her arms and legs and waited idly for anything to happen. She looked at both her arms.

There were deep scars left behind.

2 weeks had passed since she encountered that creepy demon-like creature.

Kashiyaki looked up towards the door as Tashi, Rito, and Maka walked in.

“Do you feel any better?”asked Rito.

“Yeah. Did I miss out on anything in school?”

Tashi answered, “Well, our classmates are wondering what happened to you. Rukino barely noticed that you were missing, because she was too busy with her ‘boyfriend’.”

Rito continued,“We wanted to tell her that you were at the community hospital, but Tashi didn’t think that was such a good idea. She said that we should just let you rest and maybe you’ll heal and things will be back to normal. She said that–”

“I said that after you heal up, it’ll be like it never happened, so no trouble.”

“My mom and dad must be really worried about me,”Kashiyaki thought, “but I’m okay. I’ll get out of this place as soon as possible.”

Dr.Hikaru walked into the room. “Kashiyaki, according to our blood tests, you are okay and can now go back home. Please get ready for your leave.” Dr.Hikaru walked out and went into the hallway.

Kashiyaki said, “All right, let’s go.”

The four friends went out of the hospital and to Kashiyaki’s home. The air was chilly, and the last leaves of trees were falling to the ground.

“It’s so cold!” Kashiyaki exclaimed as she felt goosebumps appearing on her skin.

Rito asked, “Where’s your shrine again? I keep forgetting its location.”

Kashiyaki answered, still shivering from the cold breeze, “It’s up that hill. See those two tall cherry blossoms? My shrine is behind them. You may not be able to see it, but it’s there.”

As they headed in between the two cherry blossoms, a shrine appeared.

Kashiyaki knocked on the door.


It was mom!

The door opened, and mom said, “Oh, Kashiyaki! Where have you been?” She saw the scars on Kashiyaki’s arms. “What happened?”

“It’s nothing for you to worry about, mom.”

“But why were you gone for two weeks?! Shouldn’t your friends have told me about it?!”

Mom had an upset look on her face.

Tashi, Rito, and Maka all turned away and said, ashamed, “Um… You see… We didn’t think it was a good idea to tell you. Sorry.”

Kashiyaki nudged Rito.

Mom stood, speechless.

Dad came rushing outside and exclaimed, “Kashiyaki! Come in! Come in! It’s cold out!”

The four friends stepped inside and smelled the aroma of sweet rice balls and sushi.

They took off their shoes.

Mom said, “Tell me what happened!”

Dad gave Kashiyaki a confused look.

“I was looking all over the place for you! I didn’t want to call the cops, because causing us to get on television is meaningless. Tell me and your mom what happened. Explain this to your daddy!”

“Alright, alright, I’ll tell you. I’m sorry I didn’t ever tell you that I’m the next wielder of the Rin wand. I met my great-great-great-great grandfather in the woods. He calls himself Takeo. He gave me the Rin wand. Wait.”

Kashiyaki carefully pulled out her wand while sealing the enormous power. Kashiyaki’s mom’s eyes widened.

“Two weeks ago, a mysterious demon creature attacked me, and I was brought to the community hospital, but now I’m okay.”

“Well, it doesn’t seem like you’re too injured now. The hospital took good care of you!”dad said.

Tashi, Rito, and Maka smiled.

“Let me see those scars.”mom said.

Kashiyaki showed mom the scars.

Mom said, “I’m glad you’re okay, daughter. You came just in time for dinner! Your friends are welcome to join us for supper. I hope you like the rice balls dad made today.”

Dad, mom, and Kashiyaki had a tight group hug.

Kashiyaki was hugged so tight, she couldn’t breath. That didn’t matter. All that mattered to her at that time was the heartwarming love of family.

Chapter 6

“Ah…” Kashiyaki woke up and got ready for school.

“Still normal. Everything’s still normal. Normal! Normal! Normal! No more attacks. La la la…”

Kashiyaki ran to school and started her day.


Kashiyaki finished writing her last haiku just when the bell rang. She packed up her stuff and headed to math class.

When she got there, she sat down at her seat and automatically pulled out a pencil and her math notebook. She started copying notes from the blackboard.

Sensei walked to Kashiyaki’s desk.

“Where were you the past two weeks? Did something happen?”

“Um… It’s a long story. You don’t wanna hear it.”

“Yes, I do. Tell me it.”

“Okay, if you say so. Do you know about the ‘Legend of The Rin wand’? I’m the next wielder of it. I met my great-great-great-great grandfather in the woods. He calls himself Takeo. He gave me the Rin wand. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show it to you.”

“Go on…”

“In the two weeks that I was absent, a mysterious demon creature attacked me. I was brought to the community hospital. I’m okay, but you could still see my scars.”

Kashiyaki pulled up her sleeve and revealed a deep, dry scab left behind from the cut.

Sensei covered her mouth with her hand, in a shocked expression.

“It’s okay! Sensei, you don’t have to worry!”Kashiyaki said.

“Alright, if you’re saying that you’re okay, then you really are okay. You can get back to work now. Be careful, though.”Aiko sensei said.


“Hey, Kashiyaki. So what ya doing? Hanging out with your nerdy friends?”Rukino Nishimoto taunted.

Kashiyaki, Tashi, Rito, and Maka all tried to get to the other side of the hallway, but Rukino stepped in their way. “I asked you something, punk. Know your place, freak!”

Kashiyaki avoided eye contact with Rukino. She let go of whatever mean thing she said to her, and tried to keep walking.

“Hey, don’t try to get away. I’m talking to you!”Rukino blocked her way again.

“Fine, if you’re–”

Rukino threw a punch at Kashiyaki, but missed, because Kashiyaki dodged it.

“I’m over here!”Kashiyaki mocked.

Somehow, she appeared behind Rukino.

“You dare…”Rukino charged towards Kashiyaki and clenched her fist. “I’m gonna get you, twerp!”

“Oh, I’m so scared!”Kashiyaki mocked while jumping around.

Just at the second Rukino threw her next punch, Kashiyaki disappeared and appeared behind Rukino once again. She yawned.

“I’m bored. Is this a bull fight?”

“You little–“

Kashiyaki pinned Rukino to the ground and raised her fist.

“Stay away from me and my friends or I will beat you up.”

Kashiyaki relaxed her fist, and let go of Rukino.

Rukino, wide eyed, ran down the hallway with the rest of her “popular” friends without saying a word.


Tashi and Rito ran up to Kashiyaki.

Rito asked, “So, what do you wanna do?”

Tashi yelled, “I wanna go to the park!”

“Then let’s go!” Rito yelled back.

Maka walked to the park with Kashiyaki while Rito and Tashi skipped ahead.

The sun was out.

It wasn’t as chilly, so Kashiyaki didn’t complain about the weather.

When they arrived at the park, Tashi said, “ I wanna buy hotdogs!”

Rito, who was extremely rich, agreed. She took out her fat wallet and told the man at the hotdog stand what she wanted.

“Four hotdogs, please.” She handed him a $10 bill.

As they were gobbling down the hotdogs, a fierce-looking person came. He had dark clothing on, and sleek black hair He opened his mouth to show his sharp fangs with accumulated blood from previous victims he had murdered.

He punched Kashiyaki across her face. Kashiyaki dropped her hotdog, and pulled out her Rin wand.

“Osuwari, osuwari, osuwari!”

Kashiyaki tried subduing the enemy with her wand.

Rito gasped.

Surprisingly, the person just continued on walking to Kashiyaki. He didn’t get to attack, because something had caught his attention.


He had a wand of his own.

“Evil creature be eternally gone, the light of justice be forever won!”

The old man shot a ray of electricity from his wand to the enemy.

That mysterious man disappeared once the ray of electricity hit him.

“Takeo gramps! How did you do that?!”

“It’s really simple. Just chant the thing I chanted before. It works with your wand, too, you know.”

Kashiyaki nodded, and looked at her spoiled hotdog. She gagged in disgust, and talked about this and that with her almost-to-be ancestor.

Chapter 7

“Get ready for our trip to Tokyo, class! Pack your lunch, use the bathroom, and don’t forget your jackets!” Aiko sensei said.

Kashiyaki raised her hand.

“Can you give me five minutes to buy a lunch in 7-eleven?”

“Yes, I can.”

Kashiyaki hurried down and headed into the 7-eleven store across the street. It was warmer inside.

Kashiyaki stood drooling in front of the packs of ramen noodles. She took three minutes to just stand and stare, and finally grabbed a pack of spicy beef-flavored ramen noodles. She grabbed a bottle of water and paid her $4 to the cashier.

Then, she looked at her watch.

One more minute for her to get upstairs to her classroom!

Kashiyaki decided to use magic on herself. She waved the wand in her direction.

“Teleport to the classroom!” In the blink of an eye, she appeared next to her desk and seat.

The sensei blinked. “ I didn’t see you come up the stairs. Hmm… Weird.”

Tashi and Rito came to Kashiyaki’s desk.

Maka followed behind.

Tashi asked, “What lunch are you having, Rito? I really wonder...”

Rito answered, “I’m having sushi with sashimi in wasabi. I’m drinking cola.”

“Oh,that’s good food. I’m having a sandwich and fruit punch. What about you, Kashiyaki?”

“Uh… Spicy beef-favored ramen noodles and water.”

“Maka, what are you eating?”Rito asked.

Maka showed them her bag of food.

Inside was four bento boxes full of sushi, ramen, sashimi, and rice. She also had a bottle of root beer.

Tashi, Rito, and Kashiyaki’s eyes widened in amazement.

“How did you… How did you get all that food?!” Rito exclaimed.

Tashi nearly fainted at the sight of so much food.

Kashiyaki’s jaw dropped.

“She… She seems wealthier than Rito!”

Rukino went near Kashiyaki with her ‘popular’ friends and pushed Tashi and Rito aside with hostility. She lathered on another layer of lip gloss.

“Kashiyaki! Are you still hanging out with your uncool friends? The way you defended yourself yesterday was impressing, so I’m going to offer you a chance-of-a-lifetime-offer.”

“What’s the offer?”

“Would you like to join the popular group? It’s free, and we will treat you like one of us. That way, you won’t have to suffer with your pathetic friends.”

“NO! I will never join you! Your so-called chance-of-a-lifetime-offer is nauseating! I will never leave my friends to be with you!”

“Then fine! Stay with your ugly nerds. “

“Stop harassing Kashiyaki!”Tashi said, angrily.

She raised a clenched fist at Rukino, who was lathering on another layer of glittery lip gloss.

Kashiyaki stopped Tashi’s punch.

“Alright, this is it! I’ve warned you before. Stop persecuting me and my friends or you will be sorry!”Kashiyaki cautioned.

The bell rang.

The class lined up and went downstairs. They all walked out of the door without making a sound, but inside their hearts, they felt tremendous excitement. There was a pin drop in the hallways. Nobody forgot anything.

Kashiyaki peeked into her bag again as the class was climbing up the bus.


It was thunderous on the bus. Everyone was singing song, sharing snacks, and yelling and screaming.

Rito spotted Rukino and her boyfriend going lovey-dovey.

Maka looked at them, then quickly turned away.

Rito whispered into Kashiyaki’s ear, “Rukino and her boyfriend are kissing!”

Rito went giddy with excitement.

Tashi saw, too, and laughed loudly, so that everyone could hear.

“If we told–Yikes, this is a long trip! It’s already been two hours!” said Kashiyaki while glancing at her daruma watch.

Rito replied, “I agree. This is probably traffic.”

The bus halted to a stop on the side of a sidewalk.

“Okay, class! Single file, please. It’s time to tour Tokyo.” Aiko sensei announced.

Once again, the well-disciplined class lined up quietly and got off the bus.

“We will take a look in the Sakomoto cavern, then visit Japan’s museum of anime. After, we will have lunch at Miku’s cafe. Then we will head to the Shinkansen expressway and study how fast the high-speed railway train is. Okay, follow me.”

The class followed Aiko sensei up the street and across the road.

When they arrived at the cavern, Aiko sensei said, “If you have any cameras or devices used to take pictures, you may take them out and start taking your photos.”

Kashiyaki looked around, amazed.

The walls of the cavern were dry, and when she said something, she heard an echo.

Suddenly, something bright was glowing in a chamber of the cavern.

Kashiyaki took out her wand and teleported herself inside the chamber.

“I wonder what this is… I see a bright light. A really, really, bright light!”

Her eyes widened in shock when she saw the glowing object.

“It can’t be! Is it the Ron wand?! This is impossible! How did the Ron wand even get here?! What a weird place for the Ron wand to be at!” she thought.

She reached over.

When she finally touched the Ron wand, she felt a surge of energy similar to the Rin wand’s, flowing through her arm and into her body. The energy was warm, reassuring, and encouraging.

Meanwhile, Kashiyaki’s friends were busy taking snapshots of the amazing creatures and the precious stones inside the Sakomoto cavern.


Tashi was greedy for memories. She kept taking photos of the stunning figures.

Back at the chamber, Kashiyaki was still touching the wand.

Kashiyaki felt extremely happy.

“This must be because… Because the Rin wand is the wand of darkness, and the Ron wand is the wand is the wand of light! Light=good. Darkness=bad. Yeah…”

Kashiyaki took the Rin wand and joined its end with Ron’s end.

A bright light shone, and Kashiyaki had to cover her eyes tightly.

When she opened her eyes again, a beautiful blue wand overflowing with energy stood before her-RinRon.

Chapter 8

“Back in the classroom! Yay! Wasn’t that tiring, Tashi?” Rito said.

Tashi answered, “Yep. Pretty tiring.”

Kashiyaki said, “Wanna go to the bookstore later? I wanna get the second volume of ‘Naruto’ manga.”

“Sure,” answered Tashi, “I wanna buy the ‘One Piece’ manga.”

“Good idea! Let’s go later!” Rito added.

Maka nodded solemnly.


While the friends were walking to the bookstore, Kashiyaki started a conversation.

“You know, Naruto is awesome. I have another friend in Korea who is a large fan of Naruto. Her name’s Hanuel Hanja.”

“I wonder what ‘One Piece’ is about. A lot of my sisters and cousins say it’s the best manga. Hmm…”Tashi replied.

“Yikes! Who is he?!” Rito yelled.

An evil-looking creature was floating in front of the four friends.

He had black makeup on, like the villains in the movies Kashiyaki watched earlier that week.

The enemy had black eyeliner, black lipstick, black lip gloss, black mascara, and black rouge.

The creature looked repulsive.

“Man, why does this always happen when we’re having fun together?!”Kashiyaki complained. “It’s so unfair! Run already!”

The demon bellowed, “You think you can escape? Not with me here! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!” He spread a tentacle and grabbed Rito with it.

Rito went flying up next to the villain.


“Let go, you freak! Let go of me, demon! Stop it!” Rito kicked her feet desperately in the air.

Kashiyaki’s face turned bright red. She pulled out the newly made weapon-RinRon. Next, she pointed it straight at Landrika. “LET HER GO, OR IMMA KILL YOU!! LET GO OF HER NOW!!”

“Fine, Fine.” Landrika dropped Rito from that high a distance as he looked stared at her wand. He flinched.

Kashiyaki closed her eyes and imagined herself catching Rito.

She did that just in time, and Rito got to stand up and run to Tashi and Maka.

When Kashiyaki saw Tashi, Tashi was pale and shivering in fear.

“Go already! Go away!”

Rito, Maka, and Tashi nodded and ran as far as they could. Kashiyaki zapped Landrika with the attack she learned from her great-great-great-great grandfather, Takeo.

Landrika dodged it!

He whacked Kashiyaki with his own weapon just when she had blasted a ball of plasma at him. Kashiyaki coughed. Blood dripped from her mouth. Kashiyaki wiped it fiercely and went charging towards Landrika.

Chapter 9

Landrika charged towards Kashiyaki while Kashiyaki charged towards Landrika. Then–he stabbed her heart with his weapon as she burnt his entire body with the heat of her wand. Landrika was pushed backwards and landed in a massive explosion.

Kashiyaki fell back, with an enormous wound in her chest. Blood poured out of her large cut, and she let go of RinRon.

Slowly, she calmed down and realized what her destiny was–it was to destroy Landrika, and she had completed it. Nothing more to worry about. She smiled and thought, “I’m sorry, papa, mama, Rito, Tashi, Maka, Aiko, and Kyoka. This is my fate.” She saw her body breaking down into pieces and being blown away as petals of cherry blossom flowers. She saw herself drifting away into the sky and seeing God. He hugged her and said in a warm voice, “Go back home. You’re not ready to die at such a young age. You’ve done well in your life.”

Kashiyaki, surprised, saw herself inside a silky white dress and flats.

“It’s for you.”God said.

He put her in front of a mirror, and Kashiyaki touched her dress. She looked stunning in the white dress!

For all the years that she had been alive, Kashiyaki wore dark garments and black clothing. It was all to try to hide from the agonizing feelings of losing her sister.

However, now, Kashiyaki felt renewed, reborn. She was released from the burden of the pain of losing Kyoka. She was sure this was a doing of God.

Meanwhile, Rito, Tashi, and Maka saw the wand of RinRon floating into the clouds and suddenly disappearing into thin air. They saw Kashiyaki’s dead body on the floor.

Tashi and Rito broke to tears. They kneeled on the ground beside Kashiyaki, and cried aggressively, in both agony and sadness.

A tear rolled slowly down Maka’s left cheek, but she quickly wiped it away, afraid that Tashi and Rito would see her cry. She hadn’t cried since the day her mother and father were both shot by a thug.

They saw a large beam of light shining down from the sky.

There she was!

Kashiyaki Yuna!

Kashiyaki twirled around in the silky white dress and flats God had given her earlier. Next, she walked with a happy expression on her face towards her friends. “Hi.”She waved her hand cheerfully.

Tashi and Rito’s jaws dropped at the sight of her alive. No, it was more shocking at the sight of her in something white! They had never seen Kashiyaki in white apparel.

“We thought you were dead!”Tashi said, tears still streaming down her cheeks.

“SO WRONG! God brought me back.”

All four friends did a group hug while crying, relieved together.

Chapter 10

Kashiyaki Yuna was happy to be alive again.

For once, she was actually enjoying life.

For once, she wasn’t feeling lonely.

She sat down on her cozy, fluffy bed and took out a book about manga. She opened it.

“Life’s so peaceful now for me… Life’s so peaceful since the wand is gone.”Kashiyaki thought while reading Naruto.

She flipped another page while sipping oolong tea.

Then she put on the school’s white uniform and went downstairs to catch the bus.


Today was the last day of school.

The sensei said, “There is no work today. You will not have any summer homework, and just chill! Satsuki and Yamato, pass out the treats and drinks.”

Tashi, Rito, Maka, and Kashiyaki went to the bathroom.

“Yay! It’s the last day of school! Yippee!”Tashi jumped up and down in excitement.

“Yeah! School’s finally over!”Kashiyaki replied, also jumping up and down in excitement.

“This is awesome!”Rito screamed. Her voice echoed through the hallways.

“That was probably too loud…”Kashiyaki said.

They headed back into the classroom, just in time to see the class going crazy and partying.

Aiko sensei was also enjoying her time. She chatted with her teacher friends.

She laughed!

She Actually laughed!

Kashiyaki was so amazed, she started laughing too. “Hey, look at sensei Aiko! She’s laughing! I’ve never seen her laugh! Hahaha!”

Tashi and Rito laughed even harder. Maka broke into a smile.