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Ian (?)

"You're the very first girl that I've been honest to."

Name: Ian (이안) [KO]
: Yong-Woo, Shin
: 19
: February 14 (Aquarius)
Blood Type
: B
: 6' (184cm)
: 145.5 lbs (66kg)

Special Feature: A boy whose blood is mixed of other nations. He looks caring and warm, but what's behind his smile?

Strength: Modeling, facial-acting

Weakness: Scene involving water or piano

Family: Unknown

People he likes: No one in particular

People he hates: Jun-Woo, people who knows his complex or real personality

Personality: His mind is all messed up but he's patched with perfect manners and a perfect smile in front of people. Does he really have a "true" smile?

Key words: cold, hiding, secrets, sorrow, dishonesty

Color: Indigo

Preferred Places: Anywhere except the swimming pool and the vocal academy

Lucky item: His necklace

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While you are in a company named Pi-Pi (a place where models take photos, etc.), you see a polite man in front of your eyes, being kind to everyone around him. You give him your business card, asking him to call if he'd like to become a celebrity.You try to convince him and go to talk to him in his changing room and hear him cursing about your 'dirty hand' touching him.You pop out, saying "Oh, sorry I have a DIRTY HAND," and he's surprised. You threaten him with the file you recorded of him cursing to become a celebrity and he accepts. [KO]