Port aoi


Name: Hui-Yeon, Jin (진희연)[KO]

Aoi [JAP/EN]
VA: Ryouka Yuzuki
Occupation: Actress

She is the main character’s older cousin. She holds the top spot for Miss Popular Actress. If she makes even one appearance, she is warranted fame. Because of that, her level of pride is sky-high. It’s either her way or the highway… Ever since high school, she has been enemies with Ji-Yeon (Otori Ryoka), the restaurant owner.

Others: She helps you on instructing how to play the game.


Arrow chart

Mini aoiArrow friend-loveMini tetsu

Both Hui-Yeon (Aoi) and Hyeok-Jun (Tetsuo) have similar personalities, so they work together. You may see them together often.

Mini aoiArrow hate 2Mini ryouka

Both Hui-Yeon (Aoi) and Jee-Yeon (Ryoka) act alike, being bossy; so they don't get along.