To earn money in the game, part-time jobs are one of the ways that players can use to earn money without the need to increase skills.

Energy is required to do a job and the higher the level, the more energy comsumed. However the rewards are greater. In order to successfully complete a job, players must win a mini game.

If you win, Money, Manager XP and Trust points for that NPC you are working for are awarded. However if you lose, you will lose Trust points for the NPC you are working for.

You will begin with only 1 Level available but once you master the level, the next level will unlock with better rewards. There are up to 9 Levels in each Job and each Mini Game get tougher as the Level increase.

There are currently 5 different Jobs available.

Ryoka-Chibi Restaurant - Otori Ryoka

Riku-Chibi Pet Shop - Kobayashi Riku

Kurisu-Chibi Clothing Store - Chris (Kurisu)

Yuki-Chibi Bookstore - Se-Hyun, Park (Hasegawa Yuki)

Sakamoto-Chibi Bakery - Sakamoto Ryunousuke


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