• Allizhon

    Hello, fellow Star Project fans. I must inquire something of you all, something that has disturbed me ever since I first found this wiki:

    How many of you actually play the Korean version instead of the English one?

    I ask because the pages on this wiki, which is in English, refer to the Korean names of the stars (and have the names from the English version tacked on in parentheses). If our wiki is in English, can I assume that 1) the users have at least a basic understanding of English in its written form, and that 2) most users probably don't have that high of a level understanding Korean? Since the Korean version is ahead of the English one developmentally (more stars to manage, and, I presume, a working weather system and all part-time job…

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  • CherryChan98


    August 8, 2012 by CherryChan98

    Small group of account contributors yet so many Anons working! Haha, I played StarPro since New Year's Day and have loved it ever since :) I'm so glad Ren's finally out! Though it took him ages... Anyone know if the company has an idea of when they'll produce new stars?

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